Discovering high abandon cart rates on your eCommerce store? Unsurprisingly, universal cart abandonment has reached a staggering 69%. Today’s customers are driven by quick and convenient shopping experiences and aren’t accustomed to making complicated purchases.

So how can you reduce your cart abandonment rates? By ensuring you have the right shopping cart features that are feasible for your customers and your business. By adding those desired features to your store you boost customer confidence and encourage brand loyalty.

Here are 8 must-have shopping cart features for your store:

1. Search Filters

Simple navigation is essential in creating a seamless shopping experience. As well as a clear menu, adding search filter functionality enables the customer to directly find the product they are searching for with ease.

2. Payment options

Picture you’re a customer browsing through a site, adding to your basket, you get to the check out ready to make your purchase (card in hand) but stopped from making your purchase by the site not accepting your chosen payment method. You then abandon your cart (obviously) and are likely not to return. Annoying right? This can be easily avoided by giving your customer multiple payment options at the checkout.

3. Express checkout

The process of checking out can be laborious and customers are more likely to stand in line checking out at their local supermarket than wait for a page to load. When developing your checkout, the process should be simple and straightforward. Offering express or guest checkout is a great solution to fast-tracking your customers. For those who already have an account, they simply log in and their details are already saved, giving them the opportunity to check out in seconds. And for those making one-off purchases, guest checkout gives them the option to make a purchase quickly without creating an account.

4. Order tracking

Once an order has been placed, it’s important that the customer can follow that order every step of its journey. Having automated emails set up for order confirmation and shipping updates limits customer queries. Also enabling customer tracking if they have an account can make all the difference in customer satisfaction.

5. Saved Items

By enabling customers to make favourites lists, it encourages them to come back and shop again. Perhaps they’re looking to save some items ready for payday or creating a list for a special occasion. Whatever the reason it’s important to add these features to your cart to keep your customers returning.       

6. Security

Convincing customers to buy from you isn’t an easy task. One thing you can do to ensure that your customers feel safe when shopping on your store is by adding an SSL Certificate Seal. This proves that your site and your customer’s information is secure, allowing them to feel confident in making their purchase.

7. Promotions

Did you know that the biggest cause of cart abandonment is high shipping rates? Statistics show that a massive 60% of cart abandonment is due to shipping related issues. Offering free shipping or discount codes (where appropriate) will entice customers to shop. This will put you against your competitors and give you that edge when attracting new and existing customers.

8. Support

And finally, tie up any loose ends by having chat support. If you’re on hand to answer and rectify any complaints or queries, the customer is ultimately going to come away satisfied that they’ve had a good shopping experience.  

If you’re looking for support on your eCommerce store, get in touch today to see how we can help grow your business.

By Gethin

Web Designer

12 / 04 / 2019


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