Creating a new eCommerce store is a detailed and lengthy process and when finished, can look like a shiny new toy that can just run itself. However, having a refreshed Magento2 platform simply isn’t enough to drive sales, you must continue to optimise your site in order to stay ahead of your competitors. Here are 5 simple tips to optimise your store:

1. Image optimisation

High-quality imagery can play a big part in user engagement, contextual lifestyle imagery is particularly good in setting a scene and clear product shots can be a key decision maker in the customer journey. However, large images can slow the loading speed of your site, so always remember to compress your files before you upload them. To do this, you can use free image compression tools such as or, or a simple tip is to open them in Photoshop and then ‘Export’ and ‘Save for Web’ where you can reduce to file size up to 50% without compromising the quality of the image.

2. Drive traffic through content

Adding unique content to your site is one of the quickest and most effective ways you can drive sales. It will not only engage customers but also improve your SEO and help you rank higher in your organic search results.

However, although you can add new content to reflect your brand’s new direction, you must not neglect old content, take the time to go through your existing site and optimise the content that is still relevant. Delete old content, look at category pages, blog content and perhaps product descriptions that are irrelevant and delete them, this will stop your Google rankings from slipping due to poor quality content. Regularly check your links, if you make an update to a page on your site, you need to make sure you update the link associated with it too – it doesn’t automatically change. Not updating them will cause 404 error messages to occur when a customer lands on the page, meaning a potential loss of sale.       

3. Cross promotion on products

Selling through the Magento eCommerce platform provides you with so many features that allow you to cross-sell products. Adding these features is important in creating the right relationships between products and potential customers. When a customer buys a laptop for example, why not extend their shopping journey and offer a carry case or a pair of headphones in addition to the sale.

These tools allow you to organise your site for maximum optimisation. You can sort products so that the most popular ones are positioned at the top of your pages and you can reorder categories to reflect points throughout a customer journey, that might improve the number of conversions.

4. Customer reviews

Used in the right way, customer reviews can be a great way to optimise your business. The main reason being they are user-generated and require very little work on your part – apart from the sale of course. You can set up and easily monitor a  reviews section, where customers can leave a comment or mark your product and service out of 5 stars, popular platforms such as Trustpilot, offers a secure and legitimate stamp for your business, which will make customers feel at ease.

5. Customer retention

Customer retention is crucial to the success of your business. Although your site UX is mapped out by your development team, there are a number of easy things you can do to boost customer engagement. You can offer existing customers reward points when making a purchase, which can lead to further discounts and gifts when enough points are gained. You can also offer new customers sign up discounts and incentives along with referral codes for friends and family of existing customers. Offering a reward scheme on your site will keep your customers coming back time and time again and also presents the opportunity for brand awareness, through adverts, social media and customer referral.

By Gethin

Web Designer

22 / 08 / 2018


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