How to Set Up a Configurable Product for Your Magento Store

Written by Jen on September 13, 2017

In Magento, setting up something as simple as a configurable product is a very complicated process. If your e-commerce store needs one, how do you break down the complexity and quickly add a configurable product to your Magento site?

The Different Type of Products in Magento

Anything sold online can be termed as a Product. There are different types of commodities available in Magento. These are –

  • Simple Products
  • Grouped Products
  • Virtual Products
  • Configurable Products
  • Downloadable Products
  • Bundled Products

Configurable Products in Magento

Configurable products offer customers with variations to choose from and customize their search. For example, a T-shirt can be available in different sizes, colors, models, etc. The differences can be treated as a collection of simple products, which come with individual SKU and inventory listing.

From the front-end, a configurable product page comes with a basic product page with a drop-down menu option. In this way, you enable your customers to search for products of their choice from a single page without having to browse multiple pages. It eases your website navigation and increases your chances of generating leads.

The combination of the attributes will get adjusted according to the increase and decrease of your inventory stock.

How to set up a Configurable Product Page in Your Magento Store?

There are four basic steps involved in the process of creating a configurable product page in your Magento store. These are as follows –


1. Add Required Attributes

Different products online can share the same attribute. A T-shirt and a pullover can share the same characteristics, from where the customer can choose. That is why it is essential that you only add those attributes without which the products page would remain incomplete.

Many attributes come preconfigured along with the platform.

  • You can also create a new attribute by going to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes.

You can also add a new attribute to the collection.

  • Just click on the button visible on the top right corner of your Magento admin panel to add a new attribute.
  • After clicking the new attribute button, a page set up will appear. Users can select the attributes of their choice and then save the changes made.
  • Set the Scope type to Global, Catalog Input Type for Store Owner to Dropdown and Values Required to Yes.
  • Set the ‘Use to Create Configurable Product’ page to Yes.
  • To add a different color attribute, click on the Manage Labels/Options to add different color choices. You also set the Admin name and the Default Store View name for each color option.
  • Follow the same process when you are adding warranty attribute to the label.
  • Click to save the changes in the attribute.


2. Create Attribute Sets

After you have added the different attributes, it’s time to create a combination of attribute set that will link to the product. The combination of attributes is called the Magento Attribute Set.

  • To create your attribute set, follow the next steps –

Click on –

  • Catalog
  • Attributes
  • Manage Attribute Sets
  • Add a New Set

After you have set the attribute names, leave it on default values

  • In the next page, two panels containing attributes will appear. While the left panel will include a set of attributes that are already assigned, the right panel will have the unassigned attribute set.
  • You can drag an unassigned attribute from the right panel and add it to the left panel, under the General group.
  • Next, click to save the attribute set.


3. Creating Simple Products that are Configurable

Once you have created the required attributes and the attribute set, it’s time to start creating the simple products that will be part of the configurable products.

  • To understand the process, let’s consider a series of four simple products that come with the following combination of attributes –
  • White – Without Warranty
  • White – With Warranty
  • Black – Without Warranty
  • Black – With Warranty
  • To create simple products, navigate to click on the Catalog > Manage Products > New Produc
  • Select the type of attribute you want. For example –Phone.
  • The chosen attribute, such as the phone, is a Simple Product. Next, click ‘Continue.’
  • On the next page, enter all the relevant information about the product. Such as the name, description, short description, attribute combination.
  • Choose an attribute combination out of the two variations of warranty and color.
  • Set the Visibility option to Not Visible Individually option, because you want the product to appear in the Configurable Product page.
  • Save the changes

Follow the similar pattern for the rest of the Simple Products


4. Adding a Configurable Product

The next and the final step is to add a configurable product. You can do so by going to –

  • Catalog  
  • Manage Products
  • Add Product

A New Product page will open, wherein you will have to select the attribute set and the product type to configurable.

  • Click to select the attributes. Example – Color and Warranty. Click to continue.
  • A product creation form will appear, wherein you will have to add all relevant product information such as the product name, product description, product price, etc.
  • The process will seem to be similar. However, exceptions are there in the case of configurable products. You need to set the Manage Stock option to no.
  • That’s because configurable products are made up of several associated products. These associated products are capable of managing the inventory themselves.
  • You can set this by clicking on the Inventory button as displayed on the left side of the panel.
  • Uncheck the ‘Use Config Settings’ to No.
  • You will find an option in the last tab labeled as Associated Products. Click on it.
  • You will be taken to the Super Product Attributes Configuration.
  • Tap on the Reset Filter.
  • You will be shown a complete list of the Simple Products to which the color and the warranty attribute belongs.
  • After selecting the combination of attributes from the list, click on the Save button.

Your Product and the Configurable Product are now ready to be used.


All Set!

Your configurable product page is all set up now. You can go to the store front end and check the configurable product. The appearance of your product page is entirely dependent on the type of theme and plugin that you have chosen. For more information, visit our website today and drop a few words to kick start the conversation. We will be there to help you right on time.