Who am I?
I’m Shaun I’m a Junior Full Stack developer at Big Eye Deers. I started self educating using a Raspberry Pi for a server and moved onto doing a Computer Science degree at Open University before completing internships before landing a Full Stack Developer role at Big Eye Deers.

What do I do?
I spend much of my day fixing bugs for clients and also adding any new features required, so far mostly working on the Magento platform.

Favourite Piece of work?
My favourite piece of work so far was simply adding a feature to the Elesi Magento site, it allows the client to add labels to category images to help distinguish premium categories from regular categories. I know it doesn’t sound like much but as a Junior with no previous experience of the Magento platform, it was my first piece of functional code I did independently.

What do you do for fun?

As I enjoy both hiking & driving I find myself up Brecon quite a lot enjoying the mountains. The plan once COVID restrictions lift is to take on the National 3 Peaks Challenge.
Although if it’s raining, I usually can be found either playing some PC games, or with Python and cool AI technologies like GPT-3.

For fun I do lots of things, I spend a lot of time in the hills hiking, running, cycling and walking my dog. I participated in ultra-marathon running for years including running 840 miles around the coast of Wales raising over 6k for an Autism Charity, a cause that matters to me as I am on the Autistic Spectrum.
I do less running these days but still hike a lot, and I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu nearly two years ago which is simply great fun and very demanding.

I love reading; stories in general, so a good movie or story driven game such as Fallout, with apocalypse being the main storylines that I enjoy.
Of course I enjoy coding and will often be tinkering with pet projects, for the learning and just the simple pleasure of building, fixing, understanding and problem solving.
When I have the time I also enjoy volunteering, which over the years has included First Responding, which means I would respond to 999 calls in my local area as a volunteer, to deliver basic life support until an ambulance arrives. I also have spent many mountain hours volunteering for mountain races; flagging routes and as a member of the Mountain Safety Team.

Winter Fan Dance – 16 mile race with 45lbs of kit

By Zoe

23 / 03 / 2021


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