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Mobile Apps

5 simple ways to optimise your Magento 2 store post launch

Megan Knowles22/08/18

Creating a new eCommerce store is a detailed and lengthy process and when finished, can look like a shiny new Read more

Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce

Emily Benwell21/03/18

Progressive Web Apps has become a buzzword of late, but PWAs (progressive web apps) have been around for some time. Read more

Progressive Web Application – Magento’s Mobile eCommerce Redefined

Jen Chan17/08/17

Do you think sites need Progressive Web Applications today? Well, according to Magento’s latest news, the leader in digital commerce Read more

Horizontal Lists for Mobile

Jen Chan14/06/17

Horizontal lists on mobile websites have become the norm nowadays. If you go on a ecommerce websites or even Netflix, Read more

Mobile Friendly? Google Friendly!


Google organic search rankings are all based on algorithms devised by Google to give the user exactly what they are Read more

Facebook’s green eyes for Snapchat

Steve Flanagan03/01/13

As we take baby steps into 2013 and ease ourselves back into the drudgery of our everyday routines, it’s a little surprising Read more

Learn to code and achieve great things – Summly

Steve Flanagan15/11/12

A lot of my previous blog posts talk about a lack of general internet know-how and what is or should Read more

Codecademy- Learn to code

Steve Flanagan05/10/12

Following on from our blog on Coderdojos, we’ve stumbled upon another great coding incentive that’s entirely free and accessible to anyone with Read more