Expert Magento & WordPress Design

Westbase Technology came to us to in need of an update of their WordPress site. We gave them a brand new homepage, header and footer to bring the design in line with current web design trends. We also took on the redesign of their Magento store to give it all the bells and whistles users have come to expect from online shopping.

Westbase Technology

The plan was to update both the WordPress company information site and the Magento eCommerce store to give Westbase an online presence that was up there with its competitors.

Both sites required a revamp of their user experience and an update to the design to make it more contemporary. Often users will click away from a site that looks dated as they won’t trust the service it could provide. We needed to create a site and a store that Westbase could be proud of, generate more interest from and show off in front of prospective clients.

"The changes to our websites have given them a cleaner, more modern and impactful look. The new design, combined with our increased and more focused content, has led to more unique visitors, better overall engagement across the site, and more sales through the eCommerce store.

Big Eye Deers has been a fantastic partner to achieve this with, and continue to provide us with all the support we need."
Kelly Bell, Marketing Manager at Westbase Technology

Injecting UX and Interest

The original WordPress site was pretty tired. The homepage had a dated design and little content would catch the attention of the visitor. The page was mostly text which made it feel cluttered and difficult to direct the user through the site. The user experience needed a revamp and the homepage needed to become a landing page that captured the interest of visitors using clear direction.

The new Westbase logo was a great addition to the site. The removal of the strapline stopped the cluttered feel and allowed for more focus on the icon and company name. The introduction of the blue helped continuity with the branding and theme across the site. Overall, the simpler the better!

Impact with Imagery

We love the use of strong imagery on our sites. It catches the eye and shows real quality which people will consider to be a reflection of the service you offer.

We went through a few design iterations before deciding on the final version. All shared a similar theme; large, eye-catching imagery dominated the page. We introduced the slider to allow real impact from the images and then added a grid below this for the news and information pages. This strayed away from the original design dominated by text and instead injected a clear user journey for visitors landing on the homepage.

The header then used one of the main, colourful slider images for the inner pages to maintain the high quality consistency. The footer had a small revamp to be more in line with the company branding with the use of the blue making the information more prominent and distinguishable from the text above.

Awesome eCommerce

Our aim for the store was similar to that for the WordPress site. Modernise the design, simplify the layout and insert a great user experience. The homepage was cluttered and information was getting easily lost. The slider images lacked impact and were full of text that promoted no obvious message. We stripped the homepage of the bulk of text and replaced it with a clean slider, consistent with the WordPress site.

We introduced ‘Featured Products’ in a simplified layout and bold CTAs to keep messages simple and clear. We introduced a mega menu that offered a simple and quick user journey and also the opportunity for more CTAs and promotional space.

The category pages were designed to be simple to navigate and find all of the features and functionality users would expect to see. The facets were extensive but the clean layout made it easy for the user to filter through. User experience was ramped up with the introduction of account based functionality.

Quick view, favourites and comparisons were included and made easily accessible. The option to sort the products and switch between ‘Grid’ and ‘List’ view allowed the user to choose a way to browse that best fit their needs.

Responsive showcase

We worked tirelessly to ensure the eCommerce store worked seamlessly on all devices and browsers. Recent surveys found that around 40% of all online sales were bought using a mobile device, so it was a must for the site to be totally mobile-friendly.

The responsive design allowed the content to always be at the optimum viewing size on whatever device the visitor was using. We introduced a sticky header and burger menu to ensure navigation was still simple and quick to use when scrolling through the content. Every step, from viewing a product to purchasing, from comparison to account settings, works perfectly on any screen size which ensures only the best user experience!

It's only the beginning...

Since the launch of both of the sites this year, we have continued to work very closely with Westbase, planning each month if there is any additional functionality we think they could benefit from. Web design, user experience and eCommerce continually evolve so it is important to keep on top of the latest trends and expectations of users and keep your sites on the ball.
We have some very exciting projects lined up to add to the already fantastic sites… so watch this space!