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Working with The Optic Shop, we transformed their troubled Magento eCommerce site into a stable and successful online platform.


  • Strategy
  • Design & UX
  • Custom Module Development
  • Website Development
  • Ongoing Support
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The Background

Established in 1991, The Optic Shop dates back over 100 years. Russell Evan-Jones, one of the partners, is the great-grandson of the Llanelli founder of Evan-Jones Chemists and Opticians. With the aim to offer the best service and the most reasonable prices, The Optic Shop is now one of the leading glasses retailers on the market.

The Brief

To fix multiple functionality and performance issues with an existing Magento eCommerce site. To review and improve all aspects of the brand, design and UX.


  • Optimise performance
  • Audit and fix the codebase
  • Improve UX
  • Improve functionality
Screen showing close up of website
Screen showing close up of website Screen showing close up of website

The Approach

A full audit of the site was carried using Google Page Speed, Google Analytics, HotJar and our own checks of the code and database. The findings of our audit were combined with the original list of issues provided by The Optic Shop, resulting in a final list of tasks to be completed. These were grouped by type and prioritise by length of task, current impact of the issue and predicted impact of the fix. The tasks were then tackled as quickly as possible.

"Big Eye Deers has helped us as a company immeasurably and we look forward to our continuing relationship with the team."

Ieuan King The Optic Shop


We were able to make a big impact very quickly by performing some optimsation. First, we moved the site to a specialised Magento hosting environment. This gave a solid and stable platform for the site to run on and grow without having to worry about downtime.

We then tuned various areas of the Magento configuration according to best practice. This included merging JS and CSS, enabling flat product and categories & utilising REDIS for caching and session storage. The addition of a minification and full page caching module added an additional boost.

Google Page Speed
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Key areas of the site lacked structure and engaging content for the user. The average bounce rate of 70% was a clear indicator of this. We focussed our improvements on 2 key entry points into the site; the homepage and category pages.

The homepage was completely redesigned and rebuilt with a cleaner, grid layout. We introduced a new slider area with more aspirational imagery to make the initial impression more inviting. The addition of CTA areas showing unique selling points of The Optic Shop injected personality and brand confidence. Finally, a grid of handpicked products give an insight into the quality and choice available.

ipad mock up of optic shop
iphone mock up of optic shop

Category pages were restructured to work as landing pages for users entering the site at that point. The addition of banner images and descriptions give a clear introduction to where the user has landed, as well as an opportunity to add some Optic Shop personality and also provide some search engine optimisation.

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While Magento offers a lot of great functionality out of the box, there are many areas that can be improved to give users and even better online shopping experience. Several areas of the site needed improving functionally in order for The Optic Shop to compete in such a competitive marketplace.

The search engine was replaced with a high performance and more advanced module offering more sophisticated product indexing as well as auto suggest, spelling correction, and fallback search functionality. A great number of successful searches returning more relevant products led to a considerable increase in conversions.

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Paypal was added at checkout as an easier way for customers to pay for their goods. Adding a familiar and well know payment gateway also improved customer trust.

The Optic Shop also needed a more efficient way for their staff to manage listing products on marketplaces such as Ebay and Amazon. We installed and configured M2E to list products to these marketplaces and to sync orders back in making the Magento store the central point for product and order management.

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The Follow Up

The Optic Shop store has gone from strength to strength since we took the store on. The initial improvements made were monitored and analysed for success, and with continued investment in the store we’ve been able to work closely with The Optic Shop to constantly improve all aspects of the site from performance to functionality.

A major improvement was the introduction of ordering glasses and contact lenses with prescriptions. We created a completely bespoke Magento module to allow the creation of multiple types of prescription forms and link them to products. An entirely new frontend UX and interface was implemented to allow users to easily add multiple different prescriptions to their orders.


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