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The Optic Shop came to us with an eCommerce store that had recently been built but just had not gotten close to hitting the mark. The UX was a bit of a mess and the bug list was endless. We took the store on, sprinkled some Big Eye Deers magic dust all over and the numbers were soon on the up!

The Optic Shop

When The Optic Shop first came to us, their website was not optimised to its full potential. They were losing many potential customers as there was no fluidity to the user experience journey. From start to finish there were many

We spoke to Optics and supplied them with a list of initial bugs. The list was pretty extensive and the poor online presence would have just been damaging to the brand image, so The Optic Shop took our suggestions and signed up for our maintenance support so we could get starting on them.

Optimising Performance

When we first looked at the website, it was sluggish and lagged, which is terrible for UX - visitors will wait on average 3 seconds for a website to load before leaving, so as you can imagine, The Optic Shop was a losing site from the first page!

    Improved Server

  • Compressed

  • Faster Speeds

The website needed extra boost to be able to perform better and to get started we first migrated the store across to a hosting environment that is specifically designed to get the best possible performance out of Magento.

In addition to the migration we also added a caching and compression module to ensure the website was running as smoothly as possible and the stats speak for themselves:

Old Server & Site Setup

  • Google Page Speed Insight: 31/100
  • GT Metrix Page Speed: 25%
  • GT Metrix Page Size: 2.5mb

New Server with Optimisation

  • Google Page Speed Insight: 78/100
  • GT Metrix Page Speed: 82%
  • GT Metrix Page Size: 1mb

Design Development

The original homepage lacked structure and there was nothing on the page that kept the user engaged or lead to other parts of the website - evident from their bounce rate which was nearing 70 per cent!

To add structure to The Optic Shop website, we introduced a grid layout, giving it a cleaner look, and from there we added a slider, CTA blocks and products to the homepage. By adding the products to the homepage, visitors can immediately see the quality of brands and products, while the imagery and text in the CTAs and sliders give another part of the website to go to; decreasing chances of bouncing.

In addition, we also added CTA blocks under the slider to notify visitors of the unique selling points of the Optic Shop, giving the customer confidence and a positive image of the company while browsing.

We designed the category pages to look like landing pages for the users who arrived at that point. We added category banners to give more meaning to that page, while the imagery gave a bit more personality. We also designed each banner to have room for text to promote the page in question, which was also an added bonus for SEO purposes.

For continued improvements to the website we installed one of our favourite tools, HotJar, to the Optic Shop store. The tool enabled us to monitor visitor’s movements in real-time, allowing us to see if they were having an issue with any part of the website and what needs improving.

"The results of the UX changes we rolled out across The Optics Shop paid major dividends in reversing the conversions trend we inherited."
Steve Flanagan

Upgrading Functionality

After the design and performance updates, we focussed in on functionality to further improve the UX for users and for Optics themselves!

The first thing we did was install a new search module. Many customers of Optics were complaining that the search and filter options on the website were not returning the relevant products, so we installed a search module we had successfully used on other websites to allow for a better and seamless user experience for Optic’s customers.

Within the checkout process area we also added PayPal payment option. PayPal is a great payment option for ecommerce websites as it provides users a secure, and quick and easy way to pay for goods. By adding this function to the website, it gives customers more options to pay and an option that they know and trust, which can lead to conversion.

To help the Optic Shop team, we installed the M2E Pro extension on the Magento store to allow the eBay and Amazon stores to integrate into the Magento store rather than the team coordinating it all separately. The orders and inventory for all three stores could now be managed in one place in the Magento backend, thus saving Optics a lot of time!

So, Where's the Proof?

Glad you asked. The performance of The Optic Shop store has skyrocketed since we took the store on. The improvements made were all from experience and from carefully measuring the use and user of the site. Take a look for yourselves to see the turnaround of the store after we had had our hands on it...

November 2015 (Pre-BED) vs February 2016
(After 2 Months of BED Support)

  • Bounce Rate: -17.29%

  • Average Session Duration: +15.53%

  • Number of Users: +23.04%

  • Number of Page Sessions: +18.82%

  • Revenue/month: +120%

  • Page Views: +48.03%

Here’s what Optics had to say…

"Big Eye Deers has helped us as a company immeasurably and we look forward to our continuing relationship with the team."
Ieuan King - The Optic Shop