An Activewear Brand with a Difference

Boudavida was a brand new start-up company when they approached Big Eye Deers. They were a sports and activewear brand for women with the vision to help them feel good about their bodies, so they were looking to make a big impact when they launched their high-quality brand.


When we received Boudavida’s website brief we were definitely intrigued by the project - We had never worked with a high-end women’s activewear brand before and were up for the challenge of producing a bespoke website in that sector.

What we loved as well was the passion Anabel Sexton (CEO of Boudavida) had for the brand, she had a clear vision for her website and we wanted to help her make it a reality.

Mind, Body and Soul

Boudavida is a new women’s sport and activewear company with a difference. As well as combining fashion with functionality, the brand wanted to make clothes that made women feel good about their bodies and inspired them to get active, while at the same time raising money for women’s sport in the process - doing good, while looking good!

The inspiration for the name “Boudavida” came from Queen Boudica, a queen who lead the British Celtic Iceni tribe tribe and was a strong, fearless, physically active woman. This was an image they wanted to maintain throughout their branding and website.

Limbering Up

Before coming to Big Eye Deers for their web design and development, Boudavida had already commissioned Blue Marlin who helped with their branding. They supplied us with the logo and colour palette and we worked closely to put together a digital strategy.

Boudavida wanted an eCommerce site that was user-friendly but had all the functionality that comes from an eCommerce store. Their main competitors were high quality active wear companies like Lululemon and Sweaty Betty, and they wanted to make sure their store could compete with them from initial launch.

As they wanted their website to provide users with a slick and professional experience, Magento was the perfect platform to use for Boudavida. Magento has the infrastructure and tools necessary to drive customers through to purchase level in a natural and fluid way, and for a start-up company like Boudavida, this was exactly what they needed.

As Boudavida wanted to help and inspire women, a blog was part of their initial brief, so In addition to a Magento eCommerce website, we integrated WordPress for this.

With the branding and platform out of the way, the next stage was the design. We researched the likes of Lululemon and Sweaty Betty, as well as other high-end womenswear websites, and agreed the design should be clean and minimal with elegant product pages.

As well as a company that produced high-quality activewear, they were also an aspirational brand that wanted to inspire and support women in sport, so we wanted to maintain this throughout the website.

As they wanted to compete on the same level as the brands already out there, we made sure to include all the standard eCommerce features that users come to expect, including quick buy options on products, compare and favourite buttons and a simplified checkout system, as well as space for social media icons and an email sign-up section.

  • Moisture
  • High
  • Fast
  • Soft
  • Super
  • Temperature
  • Breathable
  • Flat lock
  • Zipped
  • windproof

The Final Stretch

We are extremely happy with the final Boudavida website. It is fully responsive and completely optimised for mobile and tablet devices which ensures a great user experience.

“Boudavida approached us to help them build a new Magento store. With the help of Blue Marlin who provided the branding and design, we had a clear understanding of what the vision of Boudavida was going to be. We've used sleek animations and transitions to assist the user around the site to ensure a high clickthrough rate. We spent a lot of time working on SEO as it was one of the most important aspects of this site due to the competitive nature. We're really happy with how the site's turned out.”
Ben Sheppard - Front End Developer

An Adaptable Design

Since the site has gone live, we have continued to work with Anabel and the Boudavida team, and recently put together a A5 catalogue. We were able to translate the website’s design easily onto paper, and even added some new elements from the catalogue onto the website.

A message from our happy client

“When you start a business you make some good decisions and some bad ones. Choosing Big Eye Deers to build our website was one of the good ones! They are totally in tune with what we are trying to achieve. They feel more like an in-house department than an external agency. The website they have built for us is so easy to use and yet has enormous capability. We’re very happy clients!”
Anabel Sexton, CEO & Founder, Boudavida