Will social media make the world a better place?

Written by Michaela on November 20, 2012

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are a few of the social platforms we’ve come to know and love; but to what end? We showcase/ market ourselves and businesses in such a way that doesn’t bring about any social value and can often insight outrage. Granted, some social media campaigns can be rooted in generosity and many apps have been developed to make our lives easier, but how far have our current social media platforms gone to facilitate a paradigm shift that will ultimately make the world a better place?…

That’s where ‘Impossible’ comes in. Founder and former model Lily Cole is championing a social media platform that will revolutionise they way we as a society interact. Impossible aims to encourage people to help each other, for nothing more than a few karma points; this type of behaviour is referred to as ‘gifting’, helping fellow man.

Set to launch at the end of the year, It will be interesting to see communities of like-minded, kind-hearted people come together and revolutionise the way we interact with social media.