Understanding Online Shoppers

Written by Michaela on December 5, 2012

It’s the run up to Christmas and you haven’t done your shopping. What do you do? Brave the cold? Elbow your way through the crowds? No. You’ll probably switch on your laptop and shop online in your pants. It’s easy and fast- or at least that’s how we expect the process to go. Page load speeds are important and so is a seamless checkout experience. We might not¬†necessarilly think these things impact our buying patterns, but imagine being sat in your boxers, waiting minutes to get to a product page… it’s going to get chilly and you’re going to get bored… Merchants take note- Load speeds are the difference between sales and bounces.

Understanding your shoppers and their behaviours will improve the way you sell to them and the way they buy from you. Sounds simple, huh?

Checkout¬†Mashable‘s cool Infographic for a visual insight into shoppers preferences.