Permission to translate your web page?- No Thanks.

Written by Michaela on January 21, 2013

Today is a new one as far as email scams go – Hands up; how many of you have had strange emails requesting to translate a particular page on your website? Seems harmless huh?

Here’s a thought- If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A lesson we’ve learned already this year. 

Before we dig a little deeper, lets not forget about the shady world of spam email marketing and the not-so-trustworthy telephone scammer (I don’t think there ever were a trustworthy scammer, mind), I’ve even seen industry peeps tearing chunks out of each other using blogging platforms and social media – It seems whenever we as a business are approached directly by another ‘agency’, nothing is A. what it’s made out to be or B. straightforward.

We all preach about ‘collaboration’ and teaming up with others in the industry but you don’t see enough day-to-day chat on issues we tend to chuck in our ‘junk’ box. If we come across scammers and spammers we need to share it and shout about it, shaming them into leaving us a-bloody-lone!

Any who, I digress! I received an email with a strange request (click to enlarge)-

serbo-letter-screenshotNow, given the demographics of people that actually visit our site I didn’t think it was something that we’d need. I left the email sitting in my inbox and a few days later another popped up-


I found it strange that I should receive another slightly pushier email, when I clearly had no intention of making contact after days of not replying.

… In my usual suspicious mind, something wasn’t quite right but I couldn’t immediately put my finger on it. I hit Google and BINGO.

Turns out the aim of this apparently harmless request is to generate in-bound links and push ‘’ up the Google search rankings. In order to gain a prime position in search results a quality strategy should be in place not a deceptive email.

The more SEO, copywriting and marketing emails I receive the more my mind switches to detective inspector mode. It’s terrible, but it seems the industry is saturated with people who are out for themselves, have you found this to be true? Share your thoughts and scam/spam nightmares in the comments section below.