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MyFenix are a UK Fenixlight Importer and Wholesale Distributer. They needed a new brand and website to attract trade customers and display their flashlights in a fresh, striking way.


The client wanted an eCommerce platform that could offer versatility, manage stock levels and provide Amazon-like functionality for their wide range of products.


After discussions with the client we decided that a Magento store would be ideal for MyFenix. As the store would be aimed at a non-retail audience, we utilised Magento’s ability to create different customer groups, tailoring different discount amounts for each specific set of customers. A customer activation module was added to allow MyFenix to approve all users before granting access to the whole site.  Purchasing requires a unique sign-in with accounts being easy to manage and control in the Magento admin area. For the retailer page we used the Google map javascript API with a custom label class attached, custom style and marker images with the retailer addresses populated from an external CSV file. This ensured that the brand was present and provided a bespoke touch to the map. We also inserted product specification tabs so customers can browse through information easily whilst space is saved on the product pages.


Using stunning design and consistent branding the new website successfully displays MyFenix’s great range of Fenix Flashlights in an attractive and user friendly manner. For SEO purposes we incorporated a blog and product tags as well as undertaking keyword research for meta content and the navigation. The site is perfect for its audience of Fenix dealers and retailers, with easy navigation, registry and sign in processes, and discount functions. The client loves it, and so do we!

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