McAfee- On the run but still blogging

Written by Michaela on November 21, 2012

If ever there were a more sensationalized blog to read today, John McAfee’s The Hinterland is it. On the 13th November, McAfee refused to hand himself in for questioning over the murder of his neighbour, Gregory Faull and is now hiding somewhere in Belize.

McAfee, apparently still with access to his trusted anti-virus laptop, has started blogging about his curious life on the run; he describes in detail his odd disguise and the fact that he is close to his home. He also says that if he is captured there’s enough content drafted and saved for The Hinterland to run for a whole year- sounds like a threat if you ask me?!

Take a peek at this curious extract from his entry dated the 19th November…

John Mcafee

The full blog can be found here– It’s quite a surreal read but definitely worth it if only see the hundreds of comments from people wanting to look after his dog…