Get a taste sensation for your brain. EGGNOG

Written by Michaela on November 28, 2012

Eggnog. Eggnog Eggnog Eggnog. Say it lots, it’s a fun word. Eggnog.


With Christmas being thrust upon us like an unwelcome ogre of doom; we at Big Eye Deers want, nay must provide folk a public service, a factual journey that will brighten the dullest of days. A taste sensation for the brain. An afternoon delight for any time of day. Eggnog for all!!!


Did you know:

  • Eggnog is a sweet,dairy-based drink made with milk, cream, sugar, and eggs (duh!).
  • Eggnog originated in East Anglia, England. NOT America.
  • The “nog” part of its name comes from the word noggin, a Middle English term for a small, carved wooden mug used to serve alcohol. (see, it is a word!)
  • Alcohol should be mixed with your Eggnog if you want to have a merry old time. Usually Brandy, Rum, Whisky, Bourbon, Kahlúa or Vodka are used, or to feel eggstra-specially merry, a combination of them all.
  • One serving (1 cup) is generally around 350 calories. Now that’s not healthy; drink enough of the stuff and you will have yourself a merry little sickmas. 
Here are some of our favourite videos of eggnogers trying to beat the nog. Everyone loves a little puke.