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Written by Michaela on November 14, 2012

Our client, Clint Mansell; an internationally known composer of film scores including Sahara, The Fountain, Pi and Requiem for a Dream; came to us initially for a unique website. Once we hit live on the website that we had designed and developed, we were tasked with providing marketing collateral that was synonymous with the new site, providing visitors with a sense of continuity. A specifically timed email campaign was decided to heighten interest in, and ultimately drive traffic to his world-class events.


We used the same colour pallet that was used in the website design for brand recognition,  and kept it very minimal with little distraction from the purpose of the email. Text that is underlined is link enabled- taking the recipients that click through them to desired pages prompting action i.e. to book seats, buy tickets or purchase scores. Clint Mansell

Following mass interest and subsequently two sell out shows, Mansell had to add another date to satisfy his fans demand. We provided another emailer, almost identical to the first but with new copy to raise awareness of this.

Clint Mansell

Results Results Results!

The first emailer resulted in the clients initial shows selling out, a fantastic result that was definitely worth the campaign.


We use mailchimp as our preferred email marketing distributer. Mailchimp provides in-depth reporting on how many people have read the email and subsequently how many of those have been moved to action and actually clicked through to the desired landing page.

Emailer Top Tips

With mobile and tablet computing on the rise, it is safe to say that the majority of people that receive emails will open them on their smart phone/ ipad first. If you want your target audience to be aware of the campaign, it is important that it can be viewed across all mobile platforms.